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Q1 2023 - Executive Roundtable Recording: Advanced Industrial Analytics, Strategies for Scaling Transformation

Advanced Industrial Analytics, Strategies for Scaling Transformation

Led by LNS Research's Senior Research Associate, Vivek Murugesan, and Rahul Dharni, Vice President of Digital Technology at Pratt & Whitney, this highly interactive and collaborative executive event features thought provoking discussions on Advanced Analytics, Digital Transformation, and how you can scale your transformation programs.

Since COVID-19, the global manufacturing industry has been impacted by not one or two, but many simultaneous and intertwined challenges. Yet, LNS Research’s recent research reveals that despite continued uncertainty the Leaders are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to transformation programs.

In fact, they are doubling down on investments to accelerate Industrial Transformation (IX) and leap ahead of the competition. At the heart of these programs is relying on data and advanced analytics to make informed decisions.

Adoption of Advanced Industrial Analytics

In this Roundtable, we discuss four key strategies for accelerating and scaling your Industrial Transformation (IX):

  1. Investing in Data Infrastructure
  2. Building Toward a Self-Learning Analytics System
  3. Letting Operational Support Roles Drive and Own Analytics Success
  4. Focusing on Change Management and the Power of Prepositions

In addition, learn firsthand from IX Leader, Pratt & Whitney, with insights on:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Pratty & Whitney's Approach to Industry 4.0
  • Building the Digital Twin
  • The Framework to Scale Broadly

Watch the recording of this event below.
Author Name: Vivek Murugesan
Date: Jan 26, 2023

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