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Q1 2022 - Executive Roundtable Slides: Vision to Value: Leadership, Culture, and Next-Gen Continuous Improvement

Vision to Value: Leadership, Culture, and Next-Gen Continuous Improvement

In this first executive event of the new year LNS Research's experienced analyst provide expert insights and compelling research combine with pragmatic collaboration from industry leaders that will help guide you on your Industrial Transformation (IX) journey.

Specifically designed with executive leadership in mind, LNS Research President and Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield discusses key insights on a holistic approach to Industrial Transformation that include an expanded mindset in Leadership and Organizational Culture. Having this more holistic view will keep you from getting stuck
within the IX Chasm and help you advance your Industrial Transformation journey toward a successful future state.LNS Research Q1 2022 Executive Roundtable

More specifically, in this Executive Quarterly Roundtable, we will discuss and provide insights to:

• The four stages of the Industrial Transformation journey.
• How to pivot from vision to value so your Industrial Transformation journey does not stall.
• The differences between traditional and IX Management Systems and how you can evolve yours, creating both technology-led Digital Transformation and business-led teams.
• Changing organization structures and organizational realignment, including the relationships between IT, DT, OT, ET, Quality, EHS, and OpEx.

Then we wrap up with a discussion of the 2022 research agenda and the most important challenges facing companies regarding the future of industrial work, operationalizing sustainability, and analytics, flexibility, and agility.

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Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Feb 18, 2022

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