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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Quality 4.0 in Pharmaceutical: Use Cases and Advantage in a Digitally Maturing Market

Quality 4.0 is maturing is the market, and and it’s time for each manufacturing segment to define which use cases will drive Quality 4.0 in its sector.  This report is the most recent findings about Quality 4.0 among drug makers.  Those just beginning the journey or looking to expand their implementation should use it to increase success rate by understanding:

  • Transformation considerations in the organization;
  • Important technology building blocks;
  • Which repeatable use cases have been adopted by the market;
  • Ways to construct a multi-use case journey; and
  • How to leverage Quality 4.0 technology to transform your business.

Use this research spotlight in concert with the ebook, “How to Select a Quality 4.0 Solution: Align Technology to Create Market Advantage” to align use cases, strategy, and successful technology selection.

Author Name: Dan Jacob, Practice Director and Principal Analyst
Date: Nov 20, 2018

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