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[Pathfinders Executive Event] Unified Performance Excellence (UPX) Presentation Slides

Since 2020, manufacturing leaders have faced the existential threat of a negative feedback loop driven by simultaneous labor and productivity crises. Tenure, time-in-position, and turnover of the frontlines have worsened by more than 75% at many sites, with a dramatic impact on safety, quality, and productivity. Yet CEOs and boards expect the same level of performance and continuous improvement as delivered pre-pandemic. Unfortunately, for 92% of industrial companies, these expectations are not based on reality.

Joined by leaders from some of the world's largest industrial companies, this Unified Performance Excellence (UPX) roundtable discussion, led by LNS Research Analyst James Wells, centers around how and where in the operational architecture to build the strategy and excellence engine for the modern industrial architecture.

LNS Research's Unified Performance Excellence (UPX) Framework

Download the presented content from this session below to learn how to build Intelligent Risk Management that raises the visibility of threats to operational agility, flexibility, and resiliency, with further insights into how to:

•   Combat the inherent loss of momentum characteristic of traditional policy & procedure-based excellence programs

•   Transform your performance programs to a holistic, digitally embedded approach to the industrial operations improvement engine.

Additionally, gain valuable insights into achieving further step change improvements across the value from featured industry leaders:

•   Craig Sutton, VP of Industry 4.0 at Eaton

•   Mizanu Kebede, Chief Quality and Regulatory Affairs Officer at Smith+Nephew.
Author Name: James Wells
Date: Feb 28, 2024

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