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Moving from Monolithic to Modular MES: How IIoT Is Transforming Manufacturing Operations

While Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems have been available for decades now, the approach to MOM execution is still remarkably disparate and disconnected. As the trends of increased traceability, system integration, and collaboration requirements have grown widely across industries, so too has operational risk.

In this Research Spotlight LNS Research discusses strategies and recommendations for minimizing risk through a migration away from monolithic, single-plant MOM architectures through exploration of Cloud and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies that are advancing in manufacturing today. Specifically, the report addresses:

  • The top trends affecting the Food & Beverage, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Utilities, and Automotive industries
  • The necessary convergence between IT and OT to take advantage of coming IIoT opportunities and plant/business integration
  • Regulation as a key driver changing the nature of manufacturing systems and a key consideration in building future-proof systems to minimize risk


Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Jan 20, 2016

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