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Mobility and the Rise of the Connected Manufacturing Professional

Mobility has the potential to enable workers from across every level of the enterprise to access performance and decision-making support information for their respective roles. Manufacturers that are not on the path to using mobile applications to better manage their production operations are at risk of being stuck in the past.

LNS Research conducted a data survey that revealed 65% of operations managers have performance information a day sooner with mobile technology, than without it. 

In this report, LNS Research will focus on the evolving benefits of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) through new technology and mobility. Specifically this includes:

  • Benchmarking data using your mobility in manufacturing
  • Sharing an overview of the type of mobile devices in use today
  • The implications of your mobility in manufacturing
  • Providing recommendations for getting started with mobile devices

Author Name: Dan Miklovic, Mark Davidson, Mike Roberts
Date: Jun 25, 2015

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