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[eBook] Up Next for Med-Tech: Quality 4.0, Regulatory Compliance, and Competitive Advantage

Medical technology (med-tech) firms must embark on the Industrial Transformation of quality and regulatory compliance.  The industry has battled increasing global regulatory compliance pressures, integrated and reintegrated following mergers and acquisitions, and produced innovative and progressively more complex, connected, and software-enabled products.  While none of these pressures are new, combining these market dynamics with scarce resources and fragmented processes and technology has resulted in obstacles to collaboration, siloed expertise, and excessively nuanced approaches to compliance.

At the same time, the market has matured on its Quality 4.0 journey, and LNS Research now offers its most recent insights about Quality 4.0 for medical technology (med-tech) companies.  Use the information to boost success if your company is just starting the journey or if the company wants to expand its initiative.

This research examines:

  • Transformation considerations in organization
  • Important technological building blocks
  • Repeatable use cases adopted by the market
  • How to construct a multi-use case journey
  • How to leverage Quality 4.0 technology to transform
Author Name: Dan Jacob, Practice Director and Principal Analyst
Date: Feb 21, 2019

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