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Maintaining Due Diligence and Objectivity in EQMS Solution Selection

A LNS Research 2014 Quality Management survey, of more than 500 quality executive participants, showed that nearly 40% were in the planning stages of an Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) deployment. In the past ten years, results have show EQMS has drastically transformed processes in organizations throughout various industries. While quality executives recognize the beneficial outcome of having an EQMS system in place, they also understand the success is dependent on selecting the right solution, and implementing it following the step-by-step criteria.

In this report, the initial principles and criteria are laid out in way to explore the architecture of implementing a new EQMS system. Certain essentials that will be examined are:
  • Adhering to project scope and charter to stave off departmental bias through checks and balances
  • The importance of assembling a cross-functional team to identify solutions that fit core requirements
  • Soliciting outside references to gain a clearer understanding of EQMS fit and function within the organization
Author Name: Rober Harrison, Greg Goodwin
Date: Oct 15, 2015

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