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[LinkedIn Event] Future of Industrial Work: Develop a Sustainable Workforce Strategy, Recording

Vice Presidents of Global Operations face a growing list of daunting challenges that negatively impact productivity, quality, safety, sustainability, and, ultimately, margin goals. Frontline employee challenges are at the top of this list, which have quickly become an existential threat to many otherwise successful industrial companies.

Despite 69% of workers claiming they will leave their manufacturing jobs within two years, there is some good news. LNS Research data shows that Future of Industrial Work (FOIW) Leaders are:

  • Dramatically over-achieving frontline employee KPI goals (e.g., recruitment, attendance, training, engagement, and productivity)

  • Significantly increasing adoption of best-practice process capabilities (e.g., work performance/task support, training/learning management, onboarding, change management, workforce scheduling)

  • Proactively implementing Connected Frontline Workforce #CFW applications (e.g., upskilling employees with new processes and digital technologies, digitally enabling frontline workers, improving onboarding speed/time to productivity)

Learn how you can evolve your team’s leadership approach and develop a sustainable, human-centric workforce strategy by transforming the end-to-end frontline employee lifecycle.

At this LinkedIn Live Event, LNS Research President Matthew Littlefield and Research Analyst Allison Kuhn share insights from our latest research and provide practical guidance to industrial leaders looking for solutions to top manufacturing challenges. They also take your specific questions in an interactive Q&A.

The Future is Now Develop a Sustainable Workforce Strategy for IX Success

Watch the recorded event content below to discover:

  • What FOIW Leaders are doing differently than Followers to achieve step change performance improvements.

  • Which proactive business objectives FOIW Leaders are focused on, and what are the missing links in your organizational design that will enable you to start putting employees first.

  • What FOIW best practices can be employed to create a desirable work environment and address workforce challenges, including recruiting, upskilling, longevity, and new paths to leadership.

  • Why technology and innovation are crucial components of your manufacturing strategy and can help better manage distributed knowledge across rapidly changing demographics.

Special thanks to our sponsors, L2L and QAD Redzone.

Watch the event recording below.
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield & Allison Kuhn
Date: Jul 20, 2023

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