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Inspecting Physio-Control's Quality Management Maturity Journey

Medical device companies recognize that product Quality is vital for operations, and furthermore the industry. That is why many, if not all, companies in the industry design manufacturing operations based on its Quality Management System (QMS). More importantly, many companies are moving towards and adopting next-generation quality technology to maintain value in quality. 

In this case study, LNS Research focuses on the journey of Physio-Control toward Quality management maturity, and the benefits gained from the adoption of Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS). Mainly, this case study hones in on:

  • An overview of Physio-Control
  • Physio-Control's need for next-generation Quality technology
  • The move to EQMS
  • Challenges and benefits of taking Quality into the Cloud
  • Physio-Control today
  • LNS Research's Analysis 
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Rob Harrison, Mike Roberts
Date: Jan 14, 2016

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