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Insights into the MESA Food Safety Guidebook: Achieving Compliance and Traceability in SMB

food safety manufacturingHaving a strong food safety and traceability system in place is no longer just an attribute of progressive companies, it is becoming the standard across the industry. Consumer demand, along with governmental and third-party regulations are driving rapid changes in the space. We believe long-term viability for SMB food processors will depend on companies' abilities to adapt to and proactively prepare for industry changes. This Research Spotlight offers insight into the following areas on the topic:

  • Purpose of MESA's Food Safety Guidebook
  • Challenges faced by SMB food processors today
  • Lessons learned from the guidebook
  • Actionable recommendations
This Research Spotlight provides an overview of what executives and plant managers can learn from the guidebook, as well as our take on how its information can be used to help them stay ahead of the curve in FS&T.

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Jun 21, 2012

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