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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Industrial Transformation Success: How to Secure Operations' Buy-in to Create Effective Leadership

In LNS Research’s Industrial Transformation (IX) Readiness work, there are many surprising results from the study. Two of the most surprising are:  1) Creating and hiring for a Chief Digital Officer role has no correlation with the success of an organization’s Industrial Trans-formation; and 2) Only 9% of companies include Plant Managers as part of the Industrial Transformation team.

These data pointoperations managements highlight an important fact: Chief Digital Officers – and IX leaders more broadly – are struggling to get buy-in from Operations. In this Research Spotlight, we review the data and determine the impact of Operation’s support in creating successful Industrial Transformation (IX) outcomes and, in particular, effective leadership.  This Spotlight includes this valuable information to boost your IX initiatives:

  1. Why companies are FIVE TIMES more likely to have full implemented IX programs with Operations’ Buy-in
  2. Specific examples of best practices to model and failures to avoid in getting operational support.
  3. What are the key characteristics for leadership within IX programs and how you can build the best IX Leaders.
  4. Action-focused recommendations on how to achieve Operations’ buy-in, effective leadership, and IX success.
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Jun 12, 2020

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