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Improving Global EHS Visibility and Reporting at a Global Life Sciences Company [Case Study]

eh&s management solutionThis Executive Case Study involves a global, multibillion dollar life sciences company that manufactures products for patients with chronic or acute medical conditions. Driven by both internal and external pressures, the company needed to reduce the risks of adverse events and ensure safety for both patients and employees. By implementing dedicated next-generation Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) software, the company has been able to greatly reduce risk and improve its compliance reporting capabilities as compared to its previous homegrown solution.

In this Research Spotlight, LNS Research discusses several aspects of the company's decision and implementation of EHS software, including:

  •  Shortcomings of a its homegrown EHS management system
  • The migration to a new, next-generation EHS system
  • The benefits in workflow and risk management improvement
  • Lessons learned


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Aug 8, 2014

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