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How to Leverage Enterprise Architecture Techniques Across Manufacturing

Pursuing Operational Excellence can lift the pressures of regulations and process execution that all business leaders feel today. A LNS Research survey shows that Operational Excellence improvements are a top priority, but many companies have difficulty expanding it to the shop floor. 

To fulfill and support strategy that is crucial in achieving Operational Excellence, manufacturing professionals must take a closer look at Enterprise Architecture (EA). This LNS Research Spotlight provides a thorough understanding of EA, as it is the process of defining manufacturing strategy and decision making to achieve Operational Excellence. Specifically, this report takes a closer look at:
  • The criticality of extending EA to the plant floor
  • The roots of the EA process
  • The importance of solicitating worker feedback in building out EA
  • How to create a future vision of the "to be" state
  • Actionable recommendations for success
This Research Spotlight will help define Enterprise Architecture, and how it is used in achieving Operational Excellence from top floor to shop floor.
Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Apr 12, 2016

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