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How to Get Started with Quality Performance Management

cost of poor execution As any quality professional knows, there's a big difference between data and intelligence, and more of the former doesn't always translate to the latter. Understanding the right metrics for your organization is critical to not only getting started on an effective quality management program, but also in monitoring areas for improvement and customization.  

In this Case Study, LNS Research spoke with Jd Marhevko, Vice President of Quality & Lean Systems and Environment, Health and Safety at Accuride Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of commercial vehicle components. She spoke of the importance of monitoring both product and process losses in Accuride's operations, and of measuring only what can be improved upon.

Specifically, LNS Research covers:

  • The Cost of Poor Execution (COPE) and its role as a comprehensive quality metric
  • Narrowing down your KPIs to only those driving the most value
  • The role of software solutions in contextualizing data to render the actionable data needed to make timely quality decisions


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Jul 16, 2014

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