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[Research Spotlight] Factory of the Future: It’s Time to Get it Going

“Factory of the future” is just one name for the sweeping change going on throughout manufacturing. We use this phrase specifically because our research focuses primarily on operational technology (OT), that which drives factories and plants, and communicates with the rest of the enterprise and beyond. Industrial Transformation (IX), Industrie 4.0, and Smart Manufacturing are other terms we frequently hear, but they are not all synonymous.  They do all however focus on the transformation of the industrial landscape driven by people, process, and technology.

This report explores how data and people can work together to drive unimagined value with the staggering array of new technologies that enable factory of the future.  Read it to learn:

  • Why the IX leader is a keystone to Industrial Transformation
  • How companies grow capabilities using plant data
  • Where people have the greatest impact (hint: it's beyond the plant)
  • What the main source of "good data" is today
  • Recommendations for executives eager to put factory of the future to work for their company
Author Name: Andrew Hughes, Principal Analyst
Date: Aug 30, 2019

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