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Enabling Real-Time Quality Management with Enterprise-Wide SPC

The world of manufacturing is becoming more complex each year. Executives have to account not only for the rising intricacies of products and processes but also the performance of a global supplier network. Given this backdrop of business requirements, organizations are now faced with an evolving set of IT and business process challenges that were virtually nonexistent less than a decade ago. Duly, the need for effective quality management has grown. Today, a slight hiccup in product quality could result in an adverse event that, with the viral nature of social media, may have lasting effects on reputation and performance.

Locally, as well as across the global manufacturing footprint, SPC delivers the capability to monitor production performance in real time. 

By reading this research paper, business leaders will gain an understanding of SPC’s benefits to quality. Specifically, they will gain an understanding of the following:

  • An overview of SPC and the evolving software space
  • Benefits delivered by SPC to manufacturing and quality key performance indicators
  • A real-world example of how SPC has helped to cut costs and resolve quality issues earlier in the manufacturing process
  • Actionable recommendations for companies interested in an SPC investment

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Jul 31, 2013

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