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EHS Leaders Need a Plan When Digital Transformation Rules the Roost: Three Tactics to Align and Elevate EHS Management for IIoT

Even though EHS directly supports Operational Excellence, it often seems like it’s in competition with other projects and initiatives for executive attention, support, and sponsorship.  When Digital Transformation or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is top of mind for the C-suite, EHS leaders may find themselves wondering what it’s going to take to get the backing they need for EHS improvement projects or technologies. 

In reality, Digital Transformation is the ideal scenario for those most concerned with EHS success. Why? Businesses that invest in modern tech do so because they want to make better products, sell more, have faster new product introductions (NPI’s), operate more efficiently, and create bigger margins – which are many of the same benefits when EHS management is working as it should. If Digital Transformation is top of mind at your company, EHS leaders should do everything possible to align with the initiative.

Read this spotlight to learn:

  • The three tactics that will help EHS leaders align and elevate EHS management with the corporate Digital Transformation initiative
  • Which concepts EHS leaders should familiarize themselves with and develop a fluency in
  • Examples of opportunities that exist within the domain of EHS leaders
  • Why EHS leaders must conduct and maintain open dialogue with other line of business leaders
  • An introduction to the Digital Transformation framework that enables successful alignment
Author Name: Diane Murray
Date: Jul 28, 2017

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