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[eBook] Future of Industrial Work: Develop a Sustainable Workforce Strategy

Industrial companies have long-standing workforce challenges. 
Manufacturing leaders have struggled with distractions from numerous economic recessions, the arrival of “Industry 4.0,” an aging workforce, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinging to existing practices has allowed workforce challenges to intensify, even as manufacturing employment has declined over the last 40 years.

Future of Industrial Work (FOIW) Leaders are more likely to have better workforce recruitment and attendance resultsHowever, not all manufacturers are struggling. Some industrial organizations are redefining the nature of work for both frontline and corporate jobs across people, processes, and
technology by adopting a proactive, comprehensive, and lifecycle-based approach known as the Future of Industrial Work (FOIW).

FOIW Leaders are transforming frontline employee attraction, training, and retention to dramatically outperform followers in frontline workforce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

LNS Research studies show that Future of Industrial Work initiatives are essential to overcome hiring, training, and retaining challenges across the frontline while optimizing operational performance. Recognizing the need for change and evolving is fundamental to achieving engaged employees, a competent workforce, and Sustainability/ESG goals.

This research studies the business objectives, strategies, practices, and capabilities deployed across people, process, and technology, and asks the following questions:

Who is succeeding, and why?
How are leaders performing across frontline workforce KPIs relative to their peers?
What are the fundamental differences across initiatives?
Why is technology a key enabler to support and retain the frontline workforce?

This eBook provides valuable best practices and actionable recommendations for developing a sustainable workforce strategy that builds a future-proof frontline by exploring the benefits of incorporating FOIW initiatives into the organization’s overall manufacturing strategy.

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Author Name: Allison Kuhn, Matthew Littlefield, and Peter Bussey
Date: Aug 15, 2023

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