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Driving Global Visibility and Analytics in Manufacturing with InfinityQS

statistical process control operatorAs today's manufacturing environment continues to transcend the four walls of the plant, understanding manufacturing and value chain performance is becoming increasingly difficult. Market leaders are realizing the importance of global visibility in overcoming this challenge, and are investing in enterprise-wide automated data collection, visibility, and analytics capabilities.

By reading this report, readers will attain a thorough understanding of what is driving manufacturing decisions today, as well as a breakdown of how data collection software and analytics are helping companies validate and improve those decisions. Specifically, it covers:

  • Top challenges for manufacturing organizations
  • The need for enterprise-wide automated data collection, visibility, and analytics in manufacturing operations
  • Overview of InfinityQS’ total coverage areas, including an analysis of strengths and emerging strengths by industry, geography, functionality, company size, technology platform, and delivery model
  • Market Leader Case Study: Trek Bicycle Corporation
  • Recommended Actions for business leaders
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Jan 3, 2014

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