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Drivers and Benefactors of the Big Four IT Topics in Business in 2015

The pressure businesses are facing in 2015 pertains to what the press has referred to as “The Big Four IT Topics in Business.” The intentions many businesses have is to increase performance. These popular IT topics are specific to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This includes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud services, Big Data, and Mobility.

2015 has proven, so far, to be the year where the convergence of all of these factors have become an up most important topic in discussion. The focus of becoming “Smart Connected” through assets, Operations, Products, and Enterprise are bringing businesses together under the same umbrella, as LNS Research has found.

In this report LNS Research focuses on topics that can help guide and inform you about the benefactors of “The Big Four IT Topics in Business.” Some of these include:

  • How you can define “The Big Four IT Topics of 2015”
  • How you benefit from Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Smart connected assets: Converged Sensors, instrumentation, controls, and assets
  • Recommendations to get your business ready for the future



Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Jan 14, 2016

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