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[Research Spotlight] Digital Twin Essentials: What Process Manufacturers Need to Know to Maximize Results

Digital Twins are found throughout the asset lifecycle, from design and engineering to operations, and across the value chain from demand forecasting to planning and scheduling to distribution.

Plant and process manufacturing facilities are at the intersection of the asset lifecycle and value chain and as a result, are the primary focus of Digital Twin activity. To maximize results, manufacturers must first understand the different types of twins, their construction, their challenges and limitations, and what’s needed from vendors. Once an organization clearly recognizes the nuances of these elements, it can align its twin program with financial objectives.

Read this report to examine:

  • What the Digital Twin is, and what it is not
  • The relationship between twins, and considerations to overcome obstacles
  • Challenges and limitations process manufacturers face with a Digital Twin program
  • Recommendations for exercising rigor in making choices about using and selecting Digital Twins
Author Name: Joe Perino, Research Analyst
Date: Apr 23, 2019

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