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[Research Spotlight] Transforming Training Management: Impact of Digital Tech on Competencies

Many organizations struggle with training management and competency development challenges; the market’s technology adoption is critically lagging. Training processes are not automated with software by 64% of the market. This deficiency is increasingly coming into focus for leaders — a full 21% of the market plans to adopt a mobile or augmented reality (AR)-based training system for targeted training in-context with job execution. While that’s great news for leaders, much of the market has significant challenges in this area and needs to address them to meet core operational, financial, and digital objectives.

This research focuses on employee training technology, and provides a guide to address quality leaders’ top challenges regarding training technology, namely:

  • High-level trends driving the need for improved training and competencies;
  • Today’s state of the market in training management;
  • How to take a transformation-first approach that leads to im-proved operational outcomes;
  • Adoption of Quality 4.0 training technology initiatives;
  • Training management’s impact on top objectives; and
  • How to define transformed employee competency.
Author Name: Dan Jacob, Principal Analyst and Research Director
Date: May 20, 2019

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