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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Ramp-Up to Analytics: Building a Data Model for Industrial Transformation

To achieve the benefits of Industrial Transformation ― especially when it comes to analytics ― companies need a data model that spans assets, processes, and systems to optimize performance holistically. Organizations that fail to define a common data model for transformation projects are likely to miss the mark on Industrial Transformation, and particularly industrial analytics.  Manufacturers that achieve their end goals, on the other hand, can gain new competitive advantages in the markets they serve and may uncover entirely new business models empowered by data.  Read this spotlight research to learn:

  • Why data challenges limit the impact of transformational technologies like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms and industrial analytics;
  • How use cases drive data model decisions;
  • Which challenges companies face with industrial data;
  • How "The Six V's" of data impact industrial companies;
  • Considerations for building the data model and keeping it current; and
  • Recommendations based on lessons learned from industrial companies.
Author Name: Patrick Fetterman, Research Analyst
Date: Jan 9, 2019

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