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[COO Executive Event] How a Large Manufacturing Company Charts a Path Into the Digital Future

How a Large Manufacturing Company Charts a Path Into the Digital Future - While Keeping a Firm Grip on the Challenges of Today.

There is certainly no shortage of challenges for today's global manufacturers and their COOs. At the LNS Research COO Executive Roundtable Event, hosted at International Paper's headquarters, we brought together operational leaders for collaborative discussions that provided the opportunity to share and learn best practices along with the latest research insights for addressing some of these tough challenges.

In this breakout session
, LNS Research President and Research Lead Matthew Littlefield and Principal Analyst and Research Director Niels Andersen kicked off this interactive session with our latest research on productivity and Industrial Operations Strategy.

International Paper’s David Hunt and Ed Barr followed with key lessons learned in developing and implementing their Mill of the Future initiative, diving into the importance of leveraging data and analytics to promote agile decision-making and how they build and execute a business strategy that: embeds operations, inspires the team, justifies meaningful investments in transformation, and drives performance excellence.

Moreover, we discussed Industrial Operations Leaders' focus on:

➡️ Building a differentiated operations strategy that delivers a durable competitive advantage,

➡️ Building radical trust and transparency,

➡️ Empowering growth and innovation from anywhere,

➡️ Delivering customer-focused quality outcomes.

Download the presented content from this session below to learn more.

Author Name: Niels Andersen
Date: May 16, 2024

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