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Closed-Loop Quality and the Customer Centric Organization [Slides]

closed-loop qualityAt a webinar geared toward Quality executives, this presentation was given by LNS Research's President and Principal Analyst, Matthew Littlefield. These slides dive into the new social proof paradigm having a profound effect on quality management. Specifically, he discussed the importance of visibility and responsiveness to online customer sentiment in creating a custom-centric organization by incorporating this data into quality management initiatives.

Littlefield provides an overview of the following:

  • How the Internet has changed customer behavior
  • The transformation of industries due to Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and IoT technologies
  • The impact on OEMs and suppliers
  • Benchmark Data: Strategic quality objectives and challenges
  • How to Build a Closed-Loop Quality Management Environment
  • Benchmark data on the benefits of closed-loop quality management


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Jul 30, 2014

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