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[Research Spotlight] IT Leader's Transformation Guide to Operational and Quality Technology

46% of companies intend to “improve manufacturing quality” to boost business and manufacturing performance, making it the #1 use case for analytics.

IT Leader's Transformation Guide to Operational and Quality TechnologyIn the manufacturing space, companies are using Industrial Transformation (IX) to fundamentally shift business and operating models.  Quality 4.0 is one of the greatest opportunities IX offers, but it can’t be done without the help of IT.  Today’s CIO and IT leader must develop skills and experience to support initiatives like Quality 4.0 to drive IX and deliver business value.  Read this report to learn:

  • Why Industrial Transformation is so much more than Digital Transformation
  • How operational technology (OT) is a key underpinning of Industrial Transformation
  • What exactly quality is in context of Industrial Transformation
  • Who considers “quality” more than simply “measurement” and “compliance”
  • Ways IT adds value to quality
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Principal Analyst
Date: Jul 11, 2019

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