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Building the Business case for EQMS: Executive Positioning and Actionable Improvements

Quality leaders are often faced with a tall order: In order to elevate quality to its proper perception of a value center rather than a cost center they need to gain the executive sponsorship necessary to make this paradigm shift.

In this Research Spotlight LNS Research gives a framework for communicating the value that quality management can deliver when integrated across the enterprise with an executive business case. In particular LNS Research explains how:

  • Companies with executive sponsorship have on average adopted three times as many quality Operational Excellence best practices as those that have not
  • Incremental business cases for Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) can be converged into a master business case for quality management
  • Organizations that have implemented EQMS have increased performance metrics like successful new product introduction (NPI) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, by as much as 121% and 102%, respectively


Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Aug 1, 2016

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