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Asset Performance Management as a Cornerstone of Operational Excellence

The standards for businesses to thrive have increased in recent years. Global competition, increasing regulatory burdens, economic uncertainty, and labor and material shortages are just some of the challenges businesses are facing today. For success, it is critical that these organizations pursue Operational Excellence initiatives, and with physical assets being the foundation of industrial success, effective Asset Performance Management (APM) is a critical component.

LNS Research explores what it takes to achieve Operational Excellence by balancing the demands and pressure it takes to thrive in a business. These considerations include:

  • Important considerations when pursuing Operational Excellence
  • Key criteria companies seek in an effective APM vendor
  • The need to balance APM with the other pillars of Operational Excellence: Quality, Operations, EHS, and Energy
  • How to elevate APM today through aligning people, processes, and technology


Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Nov 2, 2015

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