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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Manufacturing Performance: Automotive and A&D Gaining Momentum with Analytics

The industrial space is making a monumental shift: from metrics to analytics.  In the manufacturing world, process and production metrics have been the primary source of information to measure performance and to show staff how operations are performing at any given moment. It's a straightforward evolution — and one that’s been in the making and supported for years by systems such as data historians and those formerly called enterprise manufacturing intelligence. These systems were designed to track a single type of data (e.g., time-series) and calculate a specific set of metrics from that data.  Many industrial organizations continue to use paper-based systems, and the market needs to graduate from manual data management to automated workflows to manage the growing scope of data and expand the insight and value that data can provide.

This report examines the shift from metrics to analytics in the automotive and aerospace and defense industries, including:

  • Which analytics are most widely used in each industry, and why
  • The impact of automating analytics on operational improvement programs
  • How an operational architecture can prepare an industrial company for success with analytics
Author Name: Patrick Fetterman, Research Analyst
Date: Oct 9, 2018

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