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Aligning Business and Manufacturing Goals for Greater Profitability

manufacturing operations managementMany times organizations overlook the full potential of different units of an enterprise in trying to maximize overall business value. Manufacturing is one area of business that sometimes does not receive the proper attention when considering an overarching corporate strategy. Unfortunately, this lack of a proactive and integrated approach often leads to production inefficiencies and waste.

In this Research Spotlight, LNS discusses the potential profits companies can realize if  proper focus is placed on aligning manufacturing goals around people, processes, and technology, with the overarching corporate strategy of the enterprise. Specifically, the Spotlight discusses how to implement cultural changes, goal alignment processes, performance based incentives, along with tips on how to leverage specific Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software applications in support of these initiatives.

Author Name: Mark Davidson, Greg Goodwin
Date: Jun 25, 2013

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