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[MEMBER EXCLUSIVE] Solution Selection Guide: Manufacturing Operations Management (2019)

Published March 2019

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems provide two traditional functions in the manufacturing plant:

  • Support and enforce manufacturing processes and procedures, and
  • Bridge industrial automation systems that provide plant floor control to enterprise and business operations systems.

This guide explores the main players in the manufacturing operations management (MOM) market and examines the functionality and industries that each vendor serves. Manufacturers should not view MOM as a simple point solution aimed at a single plant. Instead, MOM should fit into a larger Operational Architecture that addresses issues across the manufacturing enterprise. That Operational Architecture should also consider choices in platform, tools, and apps beyond the scope of MOM.

Future publications will address Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms and vendors with Industrial Analytics capabilities.  Use this guide to help you quickly identify which companies and solutions to investigate further.  This LNS solution selection guide describes 19 vendors at a macro level by:

  • Functional footprint 
  • Deployment model
  • Geographic footprint
  • Industry footprint
  • Target market

Product evolution happens rapidly (particularly Cloud software), and specific micro level functionality descriptions become out of date quickly.  This guide uses a more powerful decision framework, the LNS Research “3P” Evaluation Model, to qualitatively evaluate suppliers.

Author Name: Andrew Hughes, Principal Analyst
Date: Mar 26, 2019

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