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[eBook] Understanding Industrial Transformation Today: Digital Readiness is the Foundation for Success

Companies all over the world are going beyond Continuous Improvement to achieve step-change improvements in business through Industrial Transformation (IX) programs. Many industrials are finding those step-change improvements in the form of incremental revenue opportunities and cost savings. Industrial Transformation is working with 8% of companies already reporting “dramatic results.”

Read this research to learn how industrial organizations run a successful IX program and:

  • The exact status of digital readiness for IX programs globally
  • How IX Leaders define and execute IX programs differently than the rest of the market, the Followers
  • How companies define, scale, staff, and fund IX programs
  • What duration, technology, and organizational structure companies use to run IX programs
  • Why a solid IT / OT foundation is a key indicator of digital readiness for Industrial Transformation
  • How companies integrate plant management and shop floor employees into the overall program
  • Which Industrial Transformation best practices drive program success
Author Name: Tom Comstock, Principal Analyst
Date: Feb 13, 2019

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