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[Research Spotlight] Sparta Trackwise Digital: Rapid Pivot to Cloud and Quality 4.0

LNS Research examines Sparta Systems' Summer 2019 release of TrackWise Digital. Has the vendor's effort on its cloud EQMS system has paid off?  This vendor is an interesting firm; well known for its on-premise TrackWise product, it stumbled in recent years as it faced many new cloud-based competitors.  Over the past year, it brought on a new leadership team and put its considerable weight behind the development of its TrackWise Digital cloud product.  Read this report to discover:

  • Where the company and its products are today, in context of where it's been and the market at large
  • Perspective on migration path for existing customers
  • Progress on pre-configurations
  • Vendor's progress on enterprise document management system (EDMS)
  • If the vendor stacks up as a viable Quality 4.0 offering
Author Name: Dan Jacob, Principal Analyst and Research Director
Date: May 20, 2019

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