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[eBook] 2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics that Really Matter

metrics that matterAs a leader, it's critical that you're armed with the best tools available to optimize your operations and sustain a competitive advantage. Whether aimed at environment, health, and safety, sustainability, quality, or another area, effective metrics are an important part of benchmarking and measuring progress so you can ensure no effort is wasted. But selecting the appropriate metrics to measure for your business may be easier said than done.

That's why LNS Research, in conjunction with MESA International, has released the detailed findings of the five-month, 2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics that Matter research project. This information-packed eBook answers many of the questions on manufacturers' minds today, including:
  • What metrics are being best used to understand manufacturing improvements today?
  • How does technology support and impact metrics programs and performance?
  • How do my company's performance improvements compare to industry?
  • What metrics are being utilized as part of role-based dashboards?
  • What are the best practices I can learn from market leaders?


Author Name: Mark Davidson
Date: Aug 12, 2014

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