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[RECORDING] 2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

2013-2014 LNS Research Metrics that Matter webcast recording With the breadth of available performance and financial metrics available today to manufacturers, it's difficult to know which are driving the most value. It's impossible to measure or improve upon everything, which makes it critical to focus on the metrics that will most affect operational and financial success.  

This webcast presents the highlights of a five-month research study on manufacturing performance improvements conducted in partnership between LNS Research and MESA International to identify the trends and correlations between specific business and operational metric improvements and the best practices of market leading companies today. 

Among other areas, the webcast discusses:
  • The top 28 metrics used today to improve manufacturing operations and business performance
  • The growing importance of role-based dashboards in supporting metrics programs
  • The attitudes of manufacturers toward emerging technologies like mobile, big data, and cloud capabilities, and how they will impact the future
  • How specific MOM applications correlate to operational and financial improvements 

Author Name: LNS Research, MESA International
Date: Jun 17, 2014

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