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[eBook] The Impact of the Internet of Things on MOM Solutions

Smart Connected Enterprise What is MOM? Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems are the layer of software applications that fill the gap between plant systems and business systems in a manufacturing enterprise.

LNS Research uses MOM to cover the ISA-95 Level 3 architecture and functionality. It also includes extensions or variations on the ISA-95 model on account of changes in manufacturing due to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In this eBook, LNS Research examines the current and future states of MOM software applications, and how leading manufacturers are advancing beyond monolithic systems and their associated challenges. Specifically LNS addresses:

  • A new perspective on the ISA-95 hierarchy
  • Challenges of standardization
  • Difficulties caused by monolithic systems
  • Structure of IIoT platforms
  • Role of smart connected business processes
  • Recommendations for embracing IIoT and MOM


Revised January 2018

Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Mar 3, 2016

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