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[eBook] Safety and Risk Management in the Age of IIoT and Digital Transformation

Safety is a cost-center, right? The traditional view within industrial operations is that workplace safety comes at the expense of productivity. This misconception is rooted in an outdated view in which companies and even environment, health and safety (EHS) leaders cast the safety function as the "compliance cop," enforcing regulations and standards regardless of their negative impact on plant operations performance

This eBook explains the business value of safety. It shows a clear association between the adoption of safety and risk management best practices and operational benefits. Key topics include: 

  • Business Drivers and strategic objectives of safety initiatives
  • Adoption rates of safety and risk management people, process and technology capabilities in industrial organizations
  • Safety and risk best practices most associated with operational benefits
  • Action steps to help EHS business leaders communicate the strategic value of safety initiatives
Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Dec 27, 2017

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