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[eBook] Quality Management in the Board Room: Building the Executive Business Case for EQMS

Opportunities and challenges introduced to Quality leaders now are more present than ever with changing global markets, disruptive technologies, new regulations, and even social media. For some, quality maturity has not been able to keep up with these new obstacles as a result of chronic underinvestment.

Challenges presented by the changing market is only half of the battle; gaining executive sponsorship is the other half. Research proves that Top Executive Sponsorship is the most important factor in improving quality maturity. Companies with Top Executive Sponsorship have adopted 2.9x as many operational excellence best practices.

In this LNS Research eBook, you will learn how to gain executive sponsorship by presenting a quality business case, a positive, compelling event, and invest in best practices. Other key topics this report will focus on are:

  • How to build a roadmap for quality that will result in continuously improving maturity
  • Strategies to choose the appropriate objectives and metrics along the quality business case journey
  • Data from LNS’s research that clearly identifies the value of quality best practices
Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Sep 8, 2016

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