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[eBook] Quality 4.0 Impact and Strategy Handbook

The most recent decade has seen rapid advances in connectivity, mobility, analytics, scalability, and data, spawning what has been called the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. This transformation should be top of mind for quality leaders, as quality improvement and monitoring are among the top use cases for Industry 4.0. Quality 4.0 is closely aligning quality management with Industry 4.0 to enable enterprise efficiencies, performance, innovation and business models. However, much of the market isn’t focusing on Quality 4.0, since many quality teams are still trying to solve yesterday’s problems.

This eBook provides manufacturers with the tools and insights required to lead the Quality 4.0 transformation. It communicates the technologies, how they transform people and processes, existing concrete accomplishments by peers, and guidance to enable the transition from traditional quality to Quality 4.0.

Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: Mar 7, 2018

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