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[eBook] MOM and PLM in The IIoT Age: A Cross-Discipline Approach to Digital Transformation

From glorious hype to essential talking point in less than two years — that’s where the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is today. Every manufacturing executive should now have Digital Transformation near the top of his/her strategic to-do list.

Read this spotlight to learn:

  • How manufacturing operations management (MOM) or the manufacturing execution system (MES) are key enablers of data management and Digital Transformation
  • Why product lifecycle management (PLM) is a high-value discipline to pair with MOM in discrete manufacturing
  • How robust integration of MOM and PLM technologies and the advent of the Digital Twin can demonstrate maturity in Smart Manufacturing and enable smart products in smart factories.
Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Mar 7, 2018

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