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[eBook] Modern Approach to New Product Introduction (NPI): SUSTAINABLE GROWTH VIA PROFITABLE, HIGH-QUALITY NPI

Developing profitable, timely, high-quality products is more important today than ever before. Visibility to product performance has never been higher, while competitive pressures continue to squeeze margins and time to market. Manufacturers devote considerable cost and effort to new product introduction (NPI). LNS research reveals that the median manufacturer invests 25% of its personnel in NPI and introduces a new product in 24 months on average. Yet, only 56% of new products meet all NPI success criteria.

There’s only one way to survive in today’s fierce climate: remove the obstacles that prevent collaborative NPI. This ebook takes a cross-functional view of NPI, examines NPI success and data, processes, and organizational practices across the breadth of NPI stakeholders.
Author Name: Dan Jacob
Date: May 7, 2018

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