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[eBook] Improving Continuous Improvement: REINVENT LEAN TODAY WITH DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY

Every single industrial organization is at risk. The competition — at home and globally — has discovered the value of digitalization to create new business models, to enable and empower the workforce, to establish new operational efficiencies, and so much more.
The pace of technology change forces businesses to make constant improvement a core competency. A company that doesn't have some form of continuous improvement (CI) or business process improvement approach will find itself irrelevant in short order. Firms that maximize their Lean, Six Sigma, or other continuous improvement programs with next-generation technologies will make faster, more informed decision-making a competitive advantage.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • Big three digital technologies critical to reinvent Lean
  • Transforming Lean with Digital DMAIC, Digital Continuous Flow, Digital ANDON System, and more
  • The Digital five whys for transforming Lean
  • Use cases for reinventing Lean
Author Name: Andrew Hughes
Date: Jun 11, 2018

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