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[eBook] Driving Better Decision Making with Big Data: A Roadmap for Digital Transformation in the Power Generation Industry

The power generation sector faces a plethora of pressures from regulatory challenges, to managing rapidly changing generation portfolios, to wildly fluctuating pricing conditions. Amid these pressures, power generation companies must start their pursuit to leverage Big Data and analytics for better decision making, as well as other IIoT technologies as part of their Digital Transformation strategy.

This eBook explains the five key steps power gen organizations should take to secure their future in the digital world. Read it to learn:

  • Why power generation companies must look beyond 2020 to survive the challenges
  • How to meet today's demands and prepare for tomorrow's success
  • What the power gen industry is doing to start and accelerate the Digital Transformation journey
  • How to define transformational success
  • Why leveraging Big Data will require a change from the status quo
  • Recommendations for today and moving forward
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Oct 30, 2017

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