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[eBook] Accelerating Operational Excellence for Global and Regional Manufacturers

LNS Research Operational Excellence eBookDepending on your current company circumstances and footprint, a manufacturing Operational Excellence journey may take a number of different paths, including improving product quality, increasing safety, or achieving real-time data visibility. And while these paths lead to different goals, they share many similarities, including a common initial steps.

In this comprehensive eBook, LNS Research analyzes trends around the top objectives and challenges that manufacturers face today across a broad range of company sizes and industries. In presenting data from the 2013-2014 Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Survey, LNS dives into the latest software trends and their affect on industry as well as best practices for effectively optimizing organizations' key resources: people, processes, and supporting technology.
This eBook gives actionable and valuable recommendations for all manufacturing companies seeking to accelerate on Operational Excellence journeys, regardless of the path.    
Author Name: Mark Davidson, Principal Analyst
Date: Mar 18, 2014

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