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[eBook] 2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics that Really Matter Summary Report

Manufacturers today are contending with some lofty challenges from the shifting dynamics of global labor, energy expenditures, supply and demand, customer preferences. These and other factors culminate in a business environment where continuous improvement initiatives, supported by effective metrics programs, are curcial. But how do you ensure that you're measuring the right metrics?

In this summary report, highlights are given from the LNS Research and MESA International joint research project '2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics that Really Matter' that will help manufacturers understand:

  • Which operational and financial metrics are driving the most value for manufacturers today?
  • How their performance compares with industry
  • Key correlations between operational and financial metrics
  • Key correlations between Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software and financial and operational metrics improvements
Author Name: Mark Davidson, Greg Goodwin
Date: Apr 16, 2014

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