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Tips for Successful IIoT Deployment

by Dan Miklovic | Aug 21, 2018

Featured Research

Transformation Chasm has become the new buzzword of the 20’s. It is everywhere, including in television commercials. Some of that is hype but it is also becoming clear that more and more companies are succeeding at Industrial Transformation (IX). IX Leaders are 72% more likely to have grown revenues by more than 10% and 57% more likely to have reduced Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by more than 10% as a result of their IX Program.

Transformation Chasm 2022 Graphical Version 350wTo achieve that level of positive business impact, IX Leaders must reorient or reject the core processes they needed to deliver early successes and adopt a different set of operating procedures for long-term success and sustainability. Manufacturers must rearchitect their IX Program in mid-flight.

In this Research Spotlight, we build on our earlier IX Readiness reports and explore the Transformation Chasm, providing a detailed look at the comparative results across time and across IX Leaders and Followers which illuminates the Transformation Chasm and provides the roadmap for crossing it.

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